Body Scrubbing Routine ft. Palermo Body

Ana Prodanovich body scrubbing with Palermo Body products.

Wash, Exfoliate, and Moisturize—seems like a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised how often these essential steps are overlooked! I’m just as guilty over here; before my beauty regiment only focused on my face and ignored the rest of my body thinking it would care for itself. After educating myself further, I started implementing a few techniques that improved my entire body’s complexion considerably, achieving the skin of my dreams. Below is my body scrubbing routine for better and brighter looking skin instantly!

I. Wash with Bar Soap

I live in New York City, one of the most polluted places in the United States! Even shortly after leaving my apartment clean, the concrete jungle’s sidewalks and subways make me want to shower again. Removing dirt particles from trudging around all day with a gentle bar soap, like the Palermo Body is key for me. This guy gets the job done and is ideal for sensitive or dry skin. Plus it contains moisturizing coconut milk and firming oatmeal [that’s gluten-free]!

Ana Prodanovich body scrubbing with Palermo Body products.

II. Exfoliate with Scrub

I love my coffee in the morning as much as I love scrubbing with it at night! Coffee is full of antioxidants that help to bolster natural defenses (like cell re-growth). This Palermo Body scrub is made with organic fair trade coffee + raw sugar polish that exfoliates and energizes your skin. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and clean, must be the shea butter + coconut oil with a hint of lemon. Pro tip: Using a wooden scooper leaves less of a mess!

Ana Prodanovich body scrubbing with Palermo Body products.

Ana Prodanovich body scrubbing with Palermo Body products.

III. Hydrate with Oil

Now that your skin is all clean and smooth, it is time to lock in some moisture. One of the most important things in this routine is to get water back into your skin. Take a few pumps of the Palermo Body hydrating oil [ a little goes a long way] and apply to the body. For best results, use right after taking a shower when your skin is still dewy. The blend of moisturizing botanical oils is formulated to revitalize your skin and make it smell wonderful!

Ana Prodanovich body scrubbing with Palermo Body products.

Big thank you to PALERMO Body for partnering with me on this post to showcase their bath + body products. You can shop the goodies HERE! As always, opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own. 

P.S. This is the first beauty post I’ve written on my blog! What do you guys think? Would love to hear your thoughts as I plan on creating more content like this. Xo

Credits: Styling by Ana Prodanovich, Photography by Kenny Chen

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