Deal of the Week: Reformation Sale

Deal of the Week- Reformation Sale

Ugh the Reformation Sale going on right now is too good! Guys, if you haven’t checked it out yet please do so now (here’s the link) there are really some amazing finds. This store rarely puts on a sale, but when they do you best believe it is worth buying from. It is one of those sales that isn’t just trying to get you to buy pieces that no one wanted previously, all the items are things your would cherish in your wardrobe. Currently pieces are going for up to 70% off and new styles just keep getting added for prices that are a steal.

I bought this Caftan Dress last week and couldn’t be happier. Its a linen material made perfectly for those last few Summer outings before we transition into Fall. But that doesn’t mean I don’t plan on rocking the dress after Labor Day once the weather gets cooler. I can envision it now… a turtleneck layered underneath paired with ankle booties and a yummy cider in hand. What more is there to look forward to?

Just talking about the change in season gets me excited! And as much as I can’t wait to start purchasing pieces for the Fall, I have to remind myself that Summer sales are happening. Now is the time to find those great deals that you will thank yourself for purchasing next Summer. Check out Reformation’s Sale, seriously. The clock is ticking and there is a great selection of key pieces like jumpsuits and sun dresses waiting just for you.

Here are is a roundup of my top picks:

1. Cava Dress

2. Eldridge Top

3. Testino Pant

Credits: Styling by Ana Prodanovich, Photography by Kenny Chen

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