Shopping Guide: Après-Ski Style

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Après-ski is a culture that originated in the Alps; it refers to the entertainment, night-life, or social events that occur at ski resorts. These activities are preferred to be done in style. What you wear after hitting the slopes has become very popular in the last few years. Skiers consider this to be just as important as the gear they are sporting on mountain tops.

The idea is to have outfits prepared for Alpine weather conditions. Unlike skiing, you don’t have sacrifice what you wear for safety, so it’s more exciting to plan out. Mountain style is a mix between active-wear and contemporary wear. I recommend always staying on the more casual side. After all, you are surrounded by the great outdoors and should choose clothes that are comfortable and functional.

I find that the shoes you wear after skiing to be one of most important après-ski clothing items. Subsequent to wearing ski boots, your feet are usually worn out and need to recuperate in the right pair of shoes. These Sam Edelman suede moccasin-inspired booties with cozy shearling and weather resistant platforms are a perfect pick. Pair your boots with a statement sweater, relaxed-fit jeans, and an Icelandic rib scarf to stay warm.

Now the weather can drop down to freezing temperatures and be quite unpredictable in the mountains. Our skin and lips are the first to feel these changes, which is why I always recommend bringing lots of lotion and lip conditioner. I love Glossier’s new lip balm for that matter. Anyway, I wish you lodge-lovers a wonderful start to the ski season.

P.S. This is my first time creating a shopping guide for the blog. I figured it would be an opportunity to share even more brands and clothing stores by curating my top picks into a collage. Please let me know what you think and thank you for reading! 🙂