The Special Effects of a Fringe Coverup


I spent some time wondering why the fringe trend loves to make an appearance time after time. Fringe dates back to Mesopotamian times believe it or not. However, in the twenty-first century, its popularity comes from the tassels that dance for themselves. These fringe tassels produce special effects, which is exactly why fashion designers, Coachella-goers, bloggers, and celebrities are embracing it season after season. And I was excited to get my hands on this fringe coverup.

For example, I bought this Fringe Coverup because it was dancing at me as I was sifting through the clothing rack at the WiNK NYC Boutique on the Upper East Side one winter day. With my Naples, Florida vacation in mind, I decided to buy it without too much thinking and boy was it was worth every tassel. That day I excitedly showed it to my friends and their reaction consisted of a few weird glares, which left me a little confused. But now that I look back on the situation, at the time the weather in the Northeast wasn’t screaming BEACH and I think they thought I wanted to wear it to the club… typical.

Regardless of what they thought, wearing these little guys has given me such a rush that I actually would consider the trend club attire; Their transformational quality brought a new dimension to my personality that in all honesty, I did not think I had. Does anyone remember Ludacris’s song Stand Up (“When I Move You Move [Just Like That?]”); because these tassels literally move when you move! So, if you can imagine yourself walking down a sun-kissed beach, then you can count on the fringe coverup to use its special effects to transport you there.









Credits: Styling by Ana Prodanovich

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